Candy Bat Mitzvah in October

The school projects are finished and now it is time to focus on the upcoming Bat Mitzvah. The theme is candy. This will prove to be colorful and sweet. This project shows the full capabitlites of It’s a Gift. From planning and decorating the events, designing the invitations and menus, and imprinting of the Colorado Promotional Products that will be used as party favors and hospitality bags filled with logo products. The logo that is applied on all of the products was specially designed for the Bat Mitzvah girl by the graphic designer at It’s a Gift. We are involved in all aspects and the planning of each event down to crossing the T-s and dotting the I’s. It’s a Gift would love to meet with you to plan and make your next event memorable.

Lexi's Party InvitationYou can see the custom designed party invitation like the one shown here for this Candy Bat Mitzvah on the Luscious Verde Website. If you want to see it in detail scroll to the invitation dated 9.09.09. The invitation shows another use of the custom designed logo.

Custom LabelsWe can create candy bar labels for any event. Lexi’s colors are pink and lime green. We used those colors and incorporated them in the Hershey Bar labels for her event. The Hershey bars will add to the decor of her party by putting them at each place setting. Her guests will get a party favor the moment they arrive at their seat.

Hospitality BagsHospitality bags are a nice gesture for any event where you will be hosting out of town guests. This Colorado Promotional Product is a soft lunch bag with our Bat Mitzvah Girl’s logo on it. It is filled with water bottles with a custom designed logo, candy, snacks, gum and a welcome letter that outlines the weekend events.

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