Cherry Hills Country Club

Party Favor CakeThe Cherry Hills Country Club Father Daughter Dance was a great success. It was in July. The beautiful girls were dressed like princesses and were escorted by their fathers in tuxedos. When they got to the event, 7 greeters dressed in costumes in the theme “Let’s Dance” placed pink boas around each girl as they walked through the very festive hallway. The front hall was decorated with giant lit 3D stars and LED lite panels. The greeters were in costumes such as John Travolta’s white suit from Saturday Night Fever, a British Go-go dancer, a ballerina, a ball gown,¬† Zuit suit and a light blue prom tuxedo. When the guests entered the dining hall, they saw beautifully decorated tables with black table clothes and white napkins. The centerpieces were very tall vases with chandeliers in pink and black. They were gently lit with special LED pin lights to give just the right ambiance. There was a special five tier cake of soft pink boxes with black ribbons and bows that looked like little purses. They were¬† filled with the party favors which were “Tiffany” style bracelets with special shoe charms that fit the dance theme. This event was custom designed and decorated by Lisa Fallon of It’s a Gift. Cherry Hills Country Club was an absolute pleasure to work with and their staff if amazing and efficient.

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