Candy Bat Mitzvah in October

The candy Bat Mitzvah in October was spectacular. Fun was definitely had all. There was the Friday night dinner at P.F Chang’s for the meet and greet. The hospitality room was filled with home baked goodies and a full bar for in between all of the festivities. Each guest got their hospitality bag which was a Colorado Promotional Product provided by It’s a Gift. The service followed by the lunch couldn’t have been more perfect. The Bat Mitzvah girl performed her duties as a Bat Mitzvah with skill and poise. The flowers that flanked the podium were arrangements done in the most brilliant pink color scheme and were supplied by Newberry’s Florist. The service brochures were specially designed for Lexi by her Tutor Aylee Schneider and the cover was lovingly designed by It’ a Gift. The centerpieces for the luncheon were¬† dozens of white orchids that rose from the top of a 3′ tall slender vase filled with clear floral gel balls. The napkin rings were bracelets of pink boas on white napkins. The kids tables had balloons that were an 18″ balloon filled with a white or brown bear sitting on a nest of pink shreds. The tops of the balloons were sealed with a giant pink bow and hot and light pink curling ribbon dripping down the sides. After the luncheon was over, Lexi donated the balloons to The Bear Project auction that was held at the Westin Hotel that evening. The proceeds from the event were to be given to the Mathew Sheppard foundation.

The party was held at the Sheraton in downtown Denver. When the guest arrived the first thing that they saw was a gobo light that¬† projected Lexi’s name on the wall just at the entrance of the escalator. There was an arch of pink and green balloons to lead them down the to the big event. At the bottom, giant 3′ paddle balloons in yellow, green, and pink filled the space between the cocktail tables. The photographer from A Custom Look was ready to photograph every guest. The could choose from an array of giant stuffed candies as props for their photos. When the photo was taken, they were able to keep one and then take the other to the scrap book table. At the table, there were supplies like stickers and gel pens for them to personalize their page with their picture. Fun Productions provided the basketball shoot that they could have a little fun with while they waited to have their pictures taken. On the cocktail side of the room, the giant paddle balloons hovered over cafe height tables with giant suckers in vases filled with gumballs. Hot pink, green, yellow and red reeds rose 3′ from the center of the gumball vases adding extra height.

The entrance to the party had two rows of bubble columns flanking the doors. The columns were 5′ and 8′ high filled with water that bubbled and glowed from the LED lights in the base. The tops had custom made swirl suckers in pink and yellow. The back two columns had a white arch with Lexi’s logo on it. When you stepped into the party, excitement was in the air. To the left was a Dancing Heads booth provided by A Custom Look. It is a station where up to three guests can make a CD with them lip sinking a song while cloaked in green screen. The green screen is an important element so that the participants head can be placed on a dancing body that fits the song of their choice. What a riot. It entertained the kids as well as the grandmothers! On the right side was a cotton candy booth provided by Fun Productions. The kids could come and get as much cotton candy as their sugar taste buds would allow. The center of the room had a table that was filled with every candy imaginable and small plastic bags to put their loot in. The middle of the table had giant apothecary jars filled with yet more colorful candy. The chairs and tables were covered with black covers. The chairs had an additional accent of hot pink and green spandex bands. Each place setting had a custom label candy bar with Lexi’s name on it in pink and green. The centerpieces began with a barrel at the base colored in hot pink and trimmed in green with dot candy circling the top. A 2′ acrylic pole filled with candy rose from the center. It had a disk of dot candy, trim and lights placed on top of the pole. The disk was topped off with a giant stuffed candy bar. The entire centerpiece rotated for the everyone to see all sides.

The DJ, Josh of Dance Trax Entertainment, rocked the evening. He projected Lexis lifetime video on two 36′ projection screens that flanked his incredible stage of lit dance cubes and equipment. The room of 120 kids were entertained the whole evening by their pied piper, Josh and his crew. One of the highlights of the evening was the moment of the traditional Jewish songs and dancing. Dance Trax Entertainment has developed and patented a new Hora chair. This steel chair with extending poles makes the moment of lifting the honoree in the air with ease. The dancing commenced until 11 in the evening.

The weekend was a great success!

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