Gift Show Atlanta

What a huge and incredible show! I walked my legs off to see everything that I could possibly see. I have found really exciting products that will be fabulous for brides to give to their wedding parties as favors or Thank You gifts. Of course, they would be a great gift for anyone, but I had the brides on my mind. My favorite item was a candle. I know that sounds boring and done, but this one was so different. It was a glass pillar candle with a Monogram letter on the front that was beaded with white and glittery bead work. These candles come in a very special Valentines Day design as well. I liked the line so much, I bought the whole line. I got diffusers, candles and great looking beaded cards. I will showcase them on my new retail site My site will be up and running with fabulous retail in about a month.

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