Travel Gifts

These are not your ordinary travel gifts. When I met the owner of this company, she told me about her wedding and honeymoon. She said that she wanted the wedding experience and look to carry over to the honeymoon. She tried to find beautiful travel items that she could use in her honeymoon suite that had that wedding feel. She couldn’t find any, so she created the Izabella line of products. There are items like little votive candles, soaps, bath salts. and lotions all packaged in gorgeous silk fabric bags with a brooch and ribbon. These items will fill the honeymoon sweet with that same wedding feel and attention that was given to the wedding day. They are a great gift for the bride and groom as well.

The Izabella line isn’t just about the wedding look. They package their wonderful products in many different fabrics and colors that would suit and event. From black lace to peacock feathers and colors, the Izabella line is glamorous and functional.

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