Vases with BLING

These vases stand alone or will spell out the message of “Love” when put together. They can be ordered with a specific initial. It is a vase with a beautiful “BLING” letter on the front. It can be used for the obvious which is to fill it with some fresh cut flowers or you can drop an LED candle inside. I recommend the LED candles so that you will never have to worry about dripping wax or the heat from a candle breaking the glass. These are unique and a showstopper. It will add glam to any room. $28.00 ea.

2 Replies to “Vases with BLING”

  1. I’m interested in these vases for centerpieces at my wedding. I’m not sure how many I will need at this moment. Are they still available? Thanks!

  2. Yes, these vases are available when ever you need them. I do wedding planning if you would like me to help you figure things out.

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