Time to Shop Gifts

Thanksgiving dinner is over! You are stuffed and can’t imagine getting up early and jumping into the crowds to begin your Christmas shopping. You want to go. There are deals to be had. Don’t worry you really don’t have to go. You can shop from your kitchen counter while you drink your coffee. Cashmere scarves, candles, vases, pictures of Aspen trees, cookies with your picture on them can all be found on the site www.itsagiftbylisa.com and are ready to ship. Buy on Black Friday and you will get free shipping on any orders over $50.00.¬† Want some fabulous sterling silver jewelry? View the site www.mysilpada.com/lisa.fallon¬† With the convenience of these two sites, it is quite possible you will get most of your shopping done before lunch time! Gift wrapping free if you mention this post in the comment section of the check out page. Enjoy.

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