Colorado Original Photography that is indoor/outdoor

I love taking pictures and have done so for years. I just haven’t done anything with my photography until recently. One of my good friends, Melissa, sold me the most awesome camera. What a difference a good camera makes. Now, my pictures make me even happier and I would love to share them with you. I have found a very unique way of mounting the photography on aluminum sheets. This was the idea of a new friend who recently past away. I have taken it one step further by printing the photos on special film that is able to be exposed to the outdoor elements. It may be some of the few indoor/outdoor art available. So unique. This winter wonderland scene was taken in my backyard after a big Colorado snowstorm. The air was so still, crisp and quiet. The only sound was the echo of the click from my camera. Please view my site to see the other photos that I have captured. I would love your feed back. My hope is to be able to submit my art to the art shows that are in the mountains in the summer and to have my own booth. Maybe this is my year!

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