Custom Baby Balloon

There isn’t anyone out there that wouldn’t get excited about getting one of these stuffed balloons as a baby present. It is a unique way to give a baby gift or to decorate for a baby shower and give a gift at the same time. These balloons are stuffed with a cute pink or blue teddy bear and paper shreds with accented ribbons. They can be customized by adding more to the contents of the balloon that either I can shop for or you can drop off to me. These balloons last a long time and aren’t as fragile as you would think. Yes, they will pop if you poke them with something sharp, but are a pretty sturdy balloon. I have used these for centerpieces, a group gift from the office, graduation, Easter, birthday, invitation to a school dance¬† and valentine gifts.¬† Call or e-mail me with any questions. I can put anything in them that isn’t bigger than 5″ in diameter, sharp or too heavy. They are $50.00 ea and there is no cost to adding your extra items.

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