Cat Studio Souvenir 15 oz. Glasses

I have been collecting these glasses personally for years. Now, I can offer them to you through my It’s a Gift website. We are all about fun and unique gifts and these glasses by Cat Studio are on target. Sold by the glass, these glasses will make anyone happy. I learned from a very experienced shopper a long time ago that if you like the gift that you give someone, you will probably want to buy it for yourself as well. This is one of those items. They are great conversation pieces for a party or over the neighborhood MahJongg game! Give a glass or two instead of the standard bottle of wine as a hostess gift. They will want you to keep coming back to get the whole set. We carry the embroidered pillows and coffee mugs in a souvenir tin on our gift site as well. These glasses are $12.25 each and available in any state.

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