IPHONE 4 case zebra green initial

The new IPHONE 5 just came out which means that everyone needs new EVERYTHING to go with them. Don’t have an IPHONE 5, but want a new look?  Not only can I make you a strong and reliable case, I can make one for you with your name on it. Once you download the new upgrades to your IPHONE 4 and get a new case with a cool pattern and your name or initial on it, you won’t feel like you have to have the latest version. It will seem totally new to you. The custom made IPHONE cases are $19.99 each. You have a choice of colors for the case such as pink, white, green, blue and black. You have a choice of patterns and whether you would like you first name or initial on it. Any way you choose, it will still feel like a new phone. Order your new IPHONE 4 case today. IPHONE 5 cases will be available soon!

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