Toasting Flutes

Did you toast to the new year? Did you have special flutes to make your toast with? We have several flutes that would make any toast special.The Olivia Riegel Toasting Flutes have been the most popular for wedding gifts. The Bling champagne flutes are also incredibly popular. They are affordable and have a unique design where the silver bracelet on the glass sits in a groove so it doesn’t slip off. For ease of washing the glass, the silver bracelet is removable. There are many more reasons to toast if you didn’t toast at the new year. Toast to Anniversaries, birthdays or sipping wonderful champagne with your Valentine.

Olivia Riegel Toasting Flutes


  1. Michele Cornell says:

    I am very interested in having these as my toasting flutes for my weeding. how much are they and how would I purchase them?

  2. Lisa says:

    Just order them right from my site. Click on the product and follow the steps through the shopping cart. If you have any difficulty, just call me. I will be happy to walk you through it! 720-840-6711

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