Himalayan Salt Cooking Block

Grilling_on_Salt_RoxThis Himalayan Salt Cooking Block is the most amazing think that I have ever cooked on. I am much more of a baker than someone who likes to cook, but now, because it is so simple, I love to cook. I put this stone on my grill and heat the grill up with the stone. After it reaches a high temp, I put a little canola oil on the stone and throw the food on. NO other seasoning required. I put any kind of fish, steak or chicken on it and it comes out flavorful and perfect every time. I love making vegetables on it too. Set them right on the stone. The best part is they don’t fall through the cracks. This is grilling at it’s best. The perfect gift for the grill master in your family. The salt is all natural and is very good for you. It helps to replace the natural minerals that you loose during the day just by cooking with it. My family asked my what I am doing differently and I showed them the stone. It can also be used in your oven! It makes anyone an amazing cook! What can be easier than just throwing a piece of meat on a stone and letting it cook for a few minutes? This is something you just have to try. I have many other Himalayan Salt products available, too. Just give me a call if you are looking for something special. I am sure that I can get it for you.

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