Hand Embroidered College Pillows

This is a gift for just about everyone. These beautiful hand embroidered pillows by Cat Studio are stunning. They are available in states, some countries, some special locations and NOW colleges. They add new colleges all of the time. Please send me a message to see if your college is being produced. If it isn’t, it is a matter of time. Men seem to be the hardest for me to shop for and I have four to buy for in my family. This is perfect for all of them and all ages.


Champagne Flutes with BLING!

With the holidays around the corner and many celebrations yet to be had, do it in style with the Olivia Riegel Champagne flutes. You want that first toast to be the most special. You want the perfect words to be said. You want it to be memorable. When  you lift up your glasses to make that kind of a toast, the glasses should be memorable, too! These Olivia Riegel Toasting Flutes do the job perfectly. Just $220.00 a pair. Click on the link that is highlighted and it will take you to the purchase page or look under the tab “Wedding” then Toasting Flutes on the right of my website. Please call with any questions. 720-840-6711

FL4001 Gold windsor

The Flowers I make

I love to do flower arrangements! I love to make them for special events and weddings. I have to buy the flowers in bulk to get the prettiest ones that you can’t find in grocery stores, so it’s not about just making one arrangement unless it is really big!! These were made for an event to be held in a real castle in Colorado for a Ballet Guild event. It is spring and the flower colors are perfect. The only issue is that we are having a giant snow storm and there will be almost 2′ of snow on the ground when I have to deliver them. If the event is still on, I will get them there.image1 image2 image3 image4

Brides and Bling at the Colorado Bridal Show

Last weekend on Valentines Day, we had a booth at the Colorado Bridal show. We did a drawing for the very beautiful Olivia Riegel Toasting Flutes. The winner was so excited and thrilled. We were even able to present them to her at the event. Loved, loved, loved being able to make someone that happy and see the expression on her face. I did the booth with a fellow realtor, Heidi Stitler and two amazing lenders from Commerce Bank, Kayla Casteel and Christlyn Rains. We loved talking to all of the Brides-to-Be. We had so much to offer at our booth. We could answer lending questions, talk to them about their needs for future home buying, and discuss their wedding decor, planning and gift needs. To all of the brides who took the time to talk to us at our booth, we thank you. Please contact me for a special discount on this site if I don’t get a hold of you first!!!


Colorado Bridal show pic

College Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for your college student? Look at these great pillows. They are fully embroidered and so beautiful. The only issue is that they only make them for 12 schools at the moment. More are in the works, but it will take time.


Collegiate pillows